Tips when buying home decor

Have you ever experienced going to a store to buy home decor, buy some things and when you come home you don't like anything. You are not alone about that! To prevent it from ever happening again, here are some tips to help you out! Bring a piece of fabric to the store - When … Fortsätt läsa Tips when buying home decor


Easiest changes for summer decor

When summer comes you usually want to freshen up your decor to a bit happier and brighter than before. Spring is happier than winter but when summer comes everything just gets even happier. But at the end of the semester, you usually don't have the time or money to do something major. Here are some … Fortsätt läsa Easiest changes for summer decor

Biggest mistakes when interior designing

Interior designing is pretty simple but sometimes it just goes all wrong. When that happens, you just have to start over again. If you don't have all the time in the world, it is fairly irritating. With this post, I will try to help you avoid the biggest mistakes when interior designing so that you … Fortsätt läsa Biggest mistakes when interior designing

How to organize stylishly

Decorating your house nicely is always as fun, but after a few weeks there is a risk that the stylish interior will disappear due to lack of organizing. Therefore, I will give tips on how to organize well so that your house is always on point! Color coordinating - If you want to organize your … Fortsätt läsa How to organize stylishly

Budget friendly interior design

Designing a house is so fun but it always stops when you realize you don't have enough money. For most of us, this is a problem but it is not meant to stop us. There are many ways to manage to decorate incredibly nicely without having to spend a lot of money at all. Below … Fortsätt läsa Budget friendly interior design

Plant bathroom decor

A bathroom can sometimes have a very cold and boring look, almost clinical. This can be changed with a few tricks. One is plants and flowers. They lift the bathroom incredibly and make it harmonious Here are some tips on where to put plants in your bathroom. Hanging plants - A good way to bring plants … Fortsätt läsa Plant bathroom decor

Summer decor trends

Summer vacation is coming closer and closer which makes me very happy! What also makes me happy is redecorating for summer because the colors usually used in summer are so happy and colorful! In this post I will go through some of the interior design trends for this summer so you can make your house … Fortsätt läsa Summer decor trends

Home office decor

Working from home can be boring sometimes with no coworkers and people around you to speak to. Therefore, it is extra important to have a nice workspace you can go to every day feeling inspired. If you don’t work from home, you usually have a place at home where you can work. Here are some … Fortsätt läsa Home office decor

Cozy balcony decor

If you don’t have a garden, a balcony is the perfect place for you to grow flowers, vegetables and have a coffee! This means that the balcony also have to be cozy or else you won’t go out there so often. A balcony is the perfect place to relax after a stressful day! Here are … Fortsätt läsa Cozy balcony decor

Shabby Chic interior design style

My last part of this mini-series is about the shabby chic interior design style. The shabby chic style is a vintage style with feminine vibes. It is very pretty and definitely very easy to succeed in decorating. It is not that expensive as well because the furniture often used in this interior design style is … Fortsätt läsa Shabby Chic interior design style